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Hotel Vostoc Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine
Ukraine, Island Trips Europe
Ukraine Hotel-Resort Category : 3 star

 Hotelview: Hotel Vostoc Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

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LOCATION: Welcome Hotel "VOSTOC" is situated in a quiet district of Dniepropetrovsk City, which perfectly contains business, amusement and a quiet measured life. It is situated on the autoway's crossroads of Kyiv and Crimea sides. You can get to the center of the city, airport, auto and railroad stations for about 10-15 minutes by any kind of transport from our hotel. If you are traveling by car, you can get to your service a twenty-four-hour guarded parking place for FREE. By choosing our hotel services you will have an opportunity to have sensation of our city, to sea its beauty and sure to get the best service. We hope, that our services will surprise you with pleasure.

Accommodation: Hotel Vostoc Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

ACCOMMODATION: 10 comfortable apartments,lux and halflux suites will meet you with blameless service. Here is cool in summer and warm in winter. We are glad to offer suites for nonsmoking persons to your serice. Breakfast for FREE for each client! Also you can visit our cafe-bar, where you can get rest and eat. Consolidated tariff for persons from any country! You can get discount, if you'll live here more than 5 day-nights. About all our services you get to know from the section service.

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: Hotel "VOSTOC" can propose you next kinds of service: FREE reservation suites, Credit Cards service, Room service, Cafe-bar, Transfer, organisation of meeting (on Ukraine territory), Interpreter service, Twenty-four-hour guarded parking place for FREE, Currency exchange, Bath-house (Russian banya, Sauna, pool, billiard, massage ...), Reservation and delivery of air, auto and train tickets, Excursion service, Organisation of rest and Breakfast for FREE for each client!

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