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Hotel Sonya Kiev Ukraine

Kiev Ukraine
Ukraine, Island Trips Europe
Ukraine Hotel-Resort Category : 3 star

 Hotelview: Hotel Sonya Kiev Ukraine

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LOCATION: Let me introduce the Sonya Hotel. My name is Oleg Yarmosh and I am the director of this great establishment. I have traveled around half the world and needless to say I have visited quite a few hotels. I used my experiences to establish my own hotel. Sonya hotel is located in the center of Kiev in a historical house of merchant Morozov. As it is known, location was very important back in those days. Some would say that there is a very pleasant atmosphere in this building. I would like for each of my guests to choose a suite that he or she feels most comfortable in. Therefore, the suites are decorated in different styles, I even gave the rooms their own names. For me, no detail is too small to overlook, everything was chosen with love and compassion. My suites have all the comforts that a person is accustomed to. Sonya is a small hotel and that allows us to personally respond to our guest's wishes and surround them with our care and attention.

Accommodation: Hotel Sonya Kiev Ukraine

ACCOMMODATION: Dear guests, welcome to our apartaments. "Sonya" is a small hotel, which has only 8 apartaments. All apartaments are spacious, differently decorated and intended for guests with different demands and means. Different styles of apartaments and home comfort allowed by small hotels will be appreciated by the people who travel a lot and are tired of commonplace standard of big hotels. Kitchen in the apartament is an additional convenience for people who don't wont to spend too much money on food, those keeping a diet and parents with children. Business people may be attracted by a high standard of service, quietness and confidentiality. Please, find below more details about the apartaments. Air-Conditioner in table. The cost includes: delivery of correspondence including fax and e-mail messages. Continental breakfast, bellhop, delivery of correspondence including fax and e-mail messages.

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: We have at your service 24 hours a day a copying machine, fax, e-mail and tickets to the theatre. Also, we can call you a cab, reserve a table at a restaurant or a nightclub and call information. Room service is available 24 hours a day. Breakfast is served from 7:30-11:00, from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, you may have meals of the old Kiev cuisine (chosen from the menu), served in your suite. If you prefer your own cooking, your suite has a fully equipped kitchen. With prior notice we can assist you with organization of transfer, setting up tours of Kiev and Ukraine, and we can also help you in obtaining a Ukrainian visa. Registration of foreign citizens is free of charge if he or she stays at the hotel for more than three days. The hotel provides a guarded parking lot and a Laundromat. Security guards at the hotel are on twenty-four hours a day. Confidentiality of your stay is guaranteed.

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