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Hotel Salyut Kiev Ukraine

Kiev Ukraine
Ukraine, Island Trips Europe
Ukraine Hotel-Resort Category : 4 star

Hotelview: Hotel Salyut Kiev Ukraine

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LOCATION: The hotel “Salyut” is situated in Pechersk district – the administrative and cultural centre of the city of Kyiv not far from the buildings of the Parliament of Ukraine, the Residence of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Bank, legations of many countries, the Mariinsky Palace and the world treasury – Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra. Located on the highest pre-Dnieper hill of the ancient Pechersk at “Slava” Square near the picturesque park.

Hotel can be easily accessed by car and public transport. “Arsenalna” subway station is 400 meters away. Boryspil International Airport is conveniently situated on the outskirts the city and can be reached by car within 30 minutes and the way to the railway station takes 15 minutes. The hotel “Salyut” is well positioned for shopping and provides ample choice of surrounding restaurants, cafes, bars. It is situated near the underground shopping centre and the underground parking space for 200 cars.

The hotel “SALYUT” is located in Pechersk – the most prestige district of the city, on the high, covered by the verdure of venerable trees hill of the right bank of the Dnieper river, near the famous Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra – the unique historico-architectural Kievskaya Rus times complex, protected by UNESCO. The hotel “SALYUT” is very popular with administrative, political, business, cultural and sports establishment.

The majestic Dnieper river and the greenery of Pechersk slopes, invaluable relics of the past, the architecture of the hotel building itself, it’s inside interior – all this is the source of a particular mood draws and gains You. Comfortable surroundings buried in verdure, the conference hall equipped with modern apparatus, the restaurant with delicate dishes, secluded tables and the enchanting live music of the piano and the violin, oval banquet hall and many other things are favorable for the holding of meetings, talks, negotiations and create the domestic atmosphere of rest and peace.

According to Mr. Anatoliy Khorozov, the General Manager and the founder of the hotel “We seek elite character, we don’t seek mass character”. SHOW MAP

Accommodation: Hotel Salyut Kiev Ukraine

ACCOMMODATION: One of the most comfortable & cosy hotel in Kyiv It has 75 rooms Single with double bed – 65, Suite (2 rooms) with double bed - 10

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: The hall and tables of round shape.Situated on the level of the 11thfloor.Natural lighting through the glass sky-light at the ceiling. Encircled with the winter garden and has an exit to the observation ground.

Eguipment Video tape recorder with monitor. Slide projector with remote control and screen.“3M Overhead” projector and screen.

DININGS & BARS: Original interior design, secluded tables surrounded by the splendid winter garden, picture gallery, a beautiful view of the Glory park and square from the windows. At the restaurant “Salyut” You can spend unforgettable parties to the sound of enchanting live music of the piano and violin. We propose to organize the performance of the professional Gipsy folk ensemble. An inexperienced guest can drop in at the Strip-club and take part in the elite program.

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