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Hotel Lybid Kiev Ukraine

Kiev Ukraine
Ukraine, Island Trips Europe
Ukraine Hotel-Resort Category : 3 star

 Hotelview: Hotel Lybid Kiev Ukraine

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LOCATION: In the center of the city, on the Peremohy square, near the circus and the biggest supermarket of Kyiv-«Ukraina» and only in one kilometer from the railway station flashes out the hotel. Due to its shapely silhouette and individual design, this modern seventeen-stored building completely justifies its name LYBID in honor of the sister of the legendary founders of Kiev. Three high-speed elevators deliver tourists to any floor of the seventeen-stored building. The magnificent view of the city is revealed from the windows especially of higher floors. In 1986 hospitality and benevolence of the staff of the Hotel LYBID was awarded by European International Hotel Association the prize.
Built in 1970 and completely renovated in 1999-2002, now the hotel «LYBID» is one of the best hotels of the Ukrainian capital. SHOW MAP

Accommodation: Hotel Lybid Kiev Ukraine

ACCOMMODATION: In the hotel «LYBID» there are 276 comfortable single and double rooms, including 27 suites and two 3-4-room apartments. All rooms of the hotel are situated on 4-17 floors of the building, and in combination with the modern soundproof system that minimizes street noise they establish favorable conditions for rest and work. The electronic system of door locks and your unique key-plastic card charged in your presence only for you make your room really safe and also guarantee your security and solitude.

The architectural structure of the rooms in spite of its not rather large area creates feeling of space and fullness of air and light. Modern furniture and tastefully chosen elements of interior create home atmosphere and comfort. All modern facilities are at your disposal in the hotel.

In all rooms there are individually controlled and operated system of heating and condition, you can easy create usual for you microclimate in any time of the year. Certainly we give an opportunity of international telecommunication from each room and automatic telephone service: alarm clock, blocking of incoming calls and etc. You can receive the information on our hotel address, fax and e-mail. When you need you can get access to the hotel computer and Internet.
In each room there is a TV-set and you can find several TV-sets in suites and apartments. The hotel satellite TV system gives you an opportunity to choose any program you like. The hotel TV system provides more than 20 TV leading world channels. At your request this TV system can be adapted to any national channel you like. From the windows of the hotel the beautiful panorama of the Victory square and boulevard Shevchenko is revealed. All visitors to our city are always fascinated with its unforgettable beauty. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and we will be able to welcome you again.

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: The hotel restaurant is situated on the ground floor and has two halls, Ladya and Slavyansky. The restaurant can hold up to 130 persons at a time. Special attention should be given to the hotel cousine. The restaurant offers big choice of European and national Ukrainian dishes and a large variety of high-quality brand wines. The national Ukrainian dishes are moderately priced, and the hotel cousine can successfully compete on them with the best and most expensive restaurants of Kiev.

Highly qualified cooks and confectioners can arrange a banquet or different types of breakfast. At your will you can order dinner or breakfast to your room. The hotel bar located in the lobby offers a wide choice of wines and different sophisticated drinks. It is very suitable for both casual and business meetings. There is also a hotel casino for those who are interested to try their fortune.

On the ground floor of the hotel there is a cocktail bar called "111". The bar entrance is from the Peremohy Square. It is very popular among the hotel guests and Kiev citizens. It has ultramodern design and offers a wide selection of drinks.

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