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Island Trips Europe - Sweden Destination

Hotels and Resorts in Sweden, Europe

Radisson Sas Royal Park Hotel Stockholm - located ten minutes away from the heart of Stockholm

Radisson Sas Strand Hotel Stockholm - situated on the waterfront in the centre of Stockholm

Radisson Sas Royal Viking Hotel Stockholm - situated in the city centre, next to the central rail station

Rica City Gamla Stan Hotel Stockholm - situated in the old historical part of Stockholm, Gamla Stan (meaning old city).

Rica City Kungsgatan Hotel Stockholm - situated in an ideal location, on the main street in the the heart of Stockholm.

Rica City Stockholm Hotel Stockholm - centrally located in the heart of the main shopping area

Scandic Anglais Hotel Stockholm - centrally located overlooking the Humlegarden park

Scandic Ariadne Hotel Stockholm - located a short driving distance from the centre of Stockholm on the waterfront

Scandic Continental Hotel Stockholm - situated in the heart of Stockholm, opposite the central station

Scandic Hasselbacken Hotel Stockholm - situated in a quiet location, near to the waterfront

Scandic Jarva Krog Hotel Stockholm - situated in a suburban location, next to a major junction linking the city's ring road

Scandic Malmen Hotel Stockholm - located in area of Stockholm called Sodermalm

Scandic Park Hotel Stockholm - situated next to the Humlegarden park and just a short walk from the shopping area

Scandic Sergel Plaza Hotel Stockholm - centrally located in the city centre, close to the main station

Scandic Sjofarts Hotel Stockholm - located in the Sodermalm Area, close to Gamla Stan

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