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Spain Travel Guide

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Spain Attractions and Places - Murcia Major Attractions


Murcia City / Murcia Cathedral
The capital city offers the facilities, equipment and services of a large city. It is the seventh largest Spanish city by population with approximately 439,000 inhabitants in 2009. Murcia is suited to a walking visit. It has some astonishing monuments including a very tall belfry and its famous Cathedral whose façade is often considered a masterpiece of Spanish baroque while its interior is mostly of gothic art.[citation needed] Murcia is also a large University town with more than 30,000 students per year. It has more than 2 million km2 of parks and gardens.Murcia has a rich history tied to the Jewish community. In and around Murcia one can visit the old ruins and synagogues from centuries ago as well as a modern growing Jewish community.

Cartagena, Murcia Spain
The Region’s second largest city and one of the main Spanish naval bases. It is an open-air museum invaded by the cultural legacy of the several civilizations that have passed through the city leaving their mark there during its eventful History.

It is a walled town and has a fine harbour defended by forts. In the time of Philip II of Spain, it was a major naval seaport of Spain. It is still an important naval seaport, the main military haven of Spain, and there is a big naval shipyard.

Lorca, Murcia Spain
A large medieval town at the foothills of where its famous castle stands. It is the second largest municipality of Spain by area.

Caravaca de la Cruz / Caravaca
One of the five official Holy cities for Catholicism since it’s claimed to be home of part of the Lignum Crucis, the Holy Cross. It’s blessed with beautiful scenery and architecture.

A town and municipality of southeastern Spain, in the province of Murcia, near the left bank of the River Caravaca, a tributary of the Segura. It has a population of 24,664 as of 2005. In 1900 it had 15,846 inhabitants.

Caravaca is dominated by the medieval Castle of Santa Cruz, and contains several convents and a fine parish church, with a miraculous cross celebrated for its healing power, in honor of which a yearly festival is held on the 3 May. The hills which extend to the north are rich in marble and iron. The town is a considerable industrial centre, with large iron-works, tanneries and manufactories of paper, chocolate and oil.

Castles of Murcia, Spain

Inland Murcia has plenty of castles and fortifications showing the importance of these frontier lands between the Christian Castile and the Muslim Andalusia.

Castle of Jumilla, occupied by the Arabs that turned the former Roman fortification into an Alcazaba, the Castilian Kings and the marquis of Villena who gave it its appearance of Gothic royal residence.

Castle of Moratalla, it is one of the largest and more impressive castles of the province and was built to defend the town of Moratalla from the Arab invaders from nearby Granada.

Castle of Mula, of Muslim origin, but as many castles, eventually restored and renovated.

Real Alcázar of Caravaca de la Cruz, where the Holy sanctuary was built, also of Arab origin, then conquered by the Christians and finally home of several noble families.

Concepción Castle, in Cartagena, built on one of the five hills of the old Carthagena, following the Roman taste. Now is home of the Centre for the Interpretation of Cartagena’s History.

Castle of Lorca also known as the Fortress of the Sun.

Source: Wikipedia Encyclopedia

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