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Hotels and Resorts in Russia, Europe

Aerostar Hotel Moscow - situated approximately 20 minutes' drive from Red Square and the Kremlin

Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel Moscow - The Kremlin and St Basil's Cathedral are situated a short walk away

Art Hotel Moscow - located in a huge picturesque park north of the city

Baltschug Kempinski Hotel Moscow - situated on the banks of the river moskva opposite the red square

Golden Ring Hotel Moscow - ideally located in downtown Moscow just a stone's throw from the main shopping area

Golden Ring - Junior Suites Hotel Moscow - In the shadow of the archetypal Stalin-inspired Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Iris Congress Hotel Moscow - situated in a calm residential area halfway between Sheremetyevo International airport and downtown Moscow

Marco Polo Presnja Hotel Moscow - located close to the main Tverskaya Street

Metropol Hotel Moscow - situated adjacent to Red Square on Theatre Square

National Hotel Moscow - prime location on the corner of Tverskaya street and Manezh Square
Novotel Centre Hotel Moscow - located in central Moscow close to main bus routes

Sheraton Palace Superior Rooms Hotel Moscow - Situated in the centre of Moscow within easy proximity

Tatiana Hotel Moscow - very central location with excellent transport

Le Meridien Country Club Hotel Nakhabino - located in birch forest approximately 40 km from the centre of Moscow.

Astoria Hotel St Petersburg - situated in the very centre of St Petersburg

Corinthia Nevskij Palace (sup) Hotel St Petersburg - situated in central St Petersburg about 5 minutes' walk from metro nevskij prospekt

Corinthia Nevskij Palace (dlx) Hotel St Petersburg - situated in central St Petersburg

Corinthia Nevskij Palace-Suite Hotel St Petersburg - 5 minutes' walk from metro nevskij prospekt with excellent bus and tram routes.

Pribaltijskaya (renovated) Hotel St Petersburg - situated on the gulf of Finland

Pribaltijskaya (non Renovated) Hotel St Petersburg - Nearest metro station is Primorskaya and this is approximately 15 minutes walk from hotel.

St Petersburg Hotel St Petersburg - located quite centrally, above the Neva river waterfront

St Petersburg(river View) Hotel St Petersburg - above the Neva river waterfront and is a very convenient base for exploring the city

Ukraina Hotel Moscow - situated in central Moscow about 15 minutes walk from Kievskaya railway and metro stations

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