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Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel - Poland - Poland Hotels and Resorts Information

Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel Europe - Poland Destination

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Hotels and Resorts in Poland, Europe

Wanda Hotel Krakow - close to the main highway leading into the centre of Krakow

Grand Hotel Lodz - located on St Moniuzski str. No other info is available

Petropol Hotel Plock - situated in the town centre next door to the famous dramatyczny theatre.

Mercure Hotel Poznan - located very close to the Poznan International Fair

Novotel Centrum Hotel Poznan - located on a highway Berlin-warsaw

Novotel Malta Hotel Poznan - situated just off the E30 motorway which links Warsaw and Berlin

Polonez Hotel Poznan - located in the historical part of the city approximately 15 minutes to the city centre

Neptun Hotel Szczecin - located close to the municipal park

Radisson Sas Hotel Szczecin - located in the centre of the town that is located not far from the border crossings

Europejski Hotel Warsaw - located in the heart of the city, overlooking Victoria Square

Grand Hotel Warsaw - located in the commercial part of the city near the Ministries and Embassies

Holiday Inn Hotel Warsaw - centrally located, only 300 metres from the main railway station

Hyatt Regency Hotel Warsaw - located close to green parkland on the edge of central Warsaw

Jan Iii Sobieski Hotel Warsaw - located ten minutes from the city centre

Le Royal Meridien Bristol Hotel Warsaw - ideally situated close to the historical centre of Warsaw

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Culture of Poland: Famous People of Poland, Cuisine in Poland, Architecture in Poland, Sports in Poland,

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