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Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel - Morocco Hotels & Beach Resorts Information

Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel Africa - Morocco Destination

Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel

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Hotels & Beach Resorts in Morocco, Africa

Anezi Hotel Agadir - located near the seaside. Less than 400 metres away from the beach.

Ibis Moussafir Hotel Agadir - located near the main city markets and approximately fifteen minutes walking from the beach.

Le Tivoli Hotel Agadir - Located on a hill with excellent views.

Lti-Al Madina Palace Hotel Agadir - located in the center, very close to the touristic attractions.

Oasis Hotel Agadir - located close to Agadir city center.

Sheraton Hotel Agadir - situated in a magnificent frame facing a superb bay which has become symbol of vacation and eternal summer.

Al Mounia Hotel Casablanca - perfectly located on the center of the city.

El Kandara Hotel Casablanca - situated in one of the main streets of Casablanca.

Hyatt Regency Hotel Casablanca - located in the heart of Casablanca, next to the ancient medina.

Ibis Moussafir Hotel Casablanca - located next the train station, ten minutes walking from the city center.

Mercure Les Almohades Hotel Casablanca - located in a residential street just off the main mohamed v square.

Riad Salam Hotel Casablanca - located on the Corniche, five minutes driving from the Tour Hassan II.

Royal Mansour Meridien Hotel Casablanca - Located in the heart of the shopping and commercial districts.

Sheraton Hotel Casablanca - located in the heart of Casablanca.

Sofitel Thalassa Mogador Hotel Essaouria - wonderful hotel is found by the sea side facing the sea and in front of a beach of natural fine sand.

Batha Hotel Fez - In the centre of the medina area.

Ibis Moussafir Hotel Fez - located next to the train station.

Menzeh Zalagh Hotel Fez - located in the new city, fifteen minutes walking from the old city and all the city attractions.

Sofitel Palais Jamai Hotel Fez - located in the old town, where most of the tourist attractions can be found.

Wassim Hotel Fez - Central, in heart of the new town.

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