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Croatia Vacation Holidays
Independent Croatia

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Independent Croatia

Croatia was internationally recognized on the January 15th, 1992, by the European Union and the United Nations, in a moment when it didn't have full sovereignty over more than 1/3rd of its territory. The first country to recognize Croatia was Iceland on December 19, 1991.

Circle of nationalistic violence which will destroy Yugoslavia has started with Albanian 1981 demands for Kosovo to be removed from Serbia and become a constituent republic inside Yugoslavia, Serbian nationalistic answer in 1986 and in the end with Croatian and Slovenian nationalism in 1989 after Serbia organized coups in Vojvodina, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Under influence of Slobodan Milošević propaganda it has lost importance who will be winner on first croatian multiparty elections in 50 years because during Serbian Petrova Gora meeting both croatian nationalist leader Franjo Tuđman and communist leader Ivica Račan are called croatian extremist. Electoral win of Franjo Tuđman has only more inflamed situation in Croatia with Serbs leaving Croatian parliament and creating Association of the municipalities of Northern Dalmatia and Lika in Knin which will latter become Republika Srpska Krajina. About events of 1990-92 Milan Babić president of Republika Srpska Krajina will latter declare that he has been "strongly influenced and misled by Serbian propaganda". In the end full scale rebelion will start in 1991 and it will last until Operation Storm in 1995 when leadership of Republika Srpska Krajina has given order that all population must leave Croatia and go toward Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Wikipedia Encyclopedia

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