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Croatia Vacation Holidays
The Stari Grad Plain - Island of Hvar - World Heritage Sites of Croatia

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Croatia World Heritage Site - The Stari Grad Plain - Island of Hvar

The Stari Grad Plain - Island of Hvar (2008)
Stari Grad is a small town on the northern side of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia. Its municipality has a population of 2,817, as of 2001, of which 1,906 are in the town itself.

Stari Grad, literally Old Town, is the place of the oldest human settlement on the island, and one of the first of all the Adriatic islands. It was settled during antiquity, first by an indigenous Hvar culture and later by the ancient Greeks. The same year - 384 b.c. when greek philoshoper Aristotel was born in Trakia, the greeks from the island of Paros in Agean sea have settled the town on the island of Hvar, and named it Pharos. It is very beautiful and warm during the summer months. Stari Grad is the birthplace of the famous Renaissance writer Petar Hektorović.

As of 7 July 2008 Stari Grad's plain is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site list. It is Croatia's 7th location protected by the UNESCO.

Source: Wikipedia Encyclopedia

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