Travel Tips: Romantic Getaways, Family Trips & Senior Excursions

Holiday Planning
Holiday Planning

Travel Tips: Romantic Getaways, Family Trips & Senior Excursions

If you are a senior looking to check something off your bucket list, a couple searching for a romantic getaway, a family looking for just the right spot or someone who wants to make the holiday season extra special, there is a dream vacation that’s just right for you. From leisurely strolls on the beach to following in the footsteps of Antarctica explorers, the choice is yours.

Find Your Romantic Getaway

You have dozens of choices, whether your idea of romance is to sit on the beach or trek through the mountains. What really counts is the time spent with your partner and the moments you share. Traditional romantic spots are still widely popular, but interest in recreational activities is growing.

Newlyweds, many of whom want to relax after a hectic few months of planning a wedding, typically choose to do a lot of beach time. Caribbean destinations, such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are romantic hotspots, but St. Lucia is the most popular. The island has beaches, to be sure, but it also has other attractions that make a vacation even more romantic. Nature lives in abundance here, with volcanic beaches, nature walks and Diamond Waterfall. Marigot Bay is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled of Caribbean beaches.

Far from the sunny beaches of the Caribbean is another kind of romantic getaway. The newly built Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan has 86 luxurious rooms exquisitely decorated for comfort and style. Locals and guests alike love the combination restaurant and bar. And, don’t forget that New York City is right outside the hotel door.

If you’re looking for a romantic winter getaway, try Beaver Creek, Colorado. Downhill and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing activities are abundant here, but so is fine dining. Beano’s Cabin, a log cabin accessible only by sleigh ride, offers first class five-course dinners and the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch offers cuisine from Wolfgang Puck. Beaver Creek doesn’t shut down in the summer. Visitors can take hot air balloon rides over the mountains and hike to their heart’s content.

Adventure and romance come together when you follow the footsteps of famed Antarctica explorers James cook and Ernest Shackleton. The cruise aboard the Silver Explorer takes you to Antarctica’s icy shores where you can see chinstrap penguins, southern fur seals, gigantic glaciers and crystal blue icebergs. It’s not all cold, though. Onboard amenities include ocean view accommodations, private baths, an Internet café, shopping boutiques, a fitness center and nightly entertainment. Passengers are equipped with a complimentary parka and backpack.

Senior Vacations That Rock

Being a senior doesn’t mean sitting on the porch, watching the world go by anymore. Today’s over-50 crowd is healthier and more active than any generation before. More active lifestyles mean more vacation choices.

Choosing your activity level is easy on a cruise. European rivers cruises are perfect if you enjoy exploring historical sites and enchanting towns along the banks of the river. Cruising down the Danube is one of the most beautiful ways to spend your leisure time. For a more intense adventure, consider a cruise down the Amazon.

If tagging along with your children and grandchildren to Disney World doesn’t sound like much fun, think again. The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando is one of the best vacation spots for seniors. Transportation between the attractions is easily accessible. Scooters and wheelchairs are available and spas and golf courses are just a few of the amenities that make a trip to Disney World as much fun for older adults as children.

Branson, Missouri, is a music lover’s dream. Over 50 theaters feature live shows from some of country music’s most famous names, including the Oak Ridge Boys and Gatlin Brothers. Golf, shopping, comfortable accommodations and fine restaurants round out the activities in Branson.

Family Vacations: Keeping Everybody Happy

Every parent dreads the inevitable “Are we there yet?” Worse yet is a loud sigh and an “I’m bored.” Young children often have short attention spans and planning a vacation that takes into account a broad range of ages is sometimes an exercise in futility. There are some vacation spots that, while they won’t entirely eliminate the angst of the very young, will minimize it, making a family getaway more enjoyable for everyone.

There are several great destinations in the United States with fun and interesting attractions for any age group. New York City is full of zoos, landmarks and museums. The elevator ride to the top of the Empire State Building and a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty keep boredom at bay. Chicago is another city in the U.S. that has a wide range of family attractions. Lincoln Park Zoo is free and has numerous wild animals to see and learn about. Navy Pier takes up 3,300 feet of Chicago’s Lake Michigan shoreline and is loaded with fun activities. More than 50 acres of attractions feature everything from entertainment to fine dining to cruises and shopping.

Happy Holiday Getaways

A holiday getaway is nothing short of enchanting. Christmas by the Sea in Ogunquit, Maine, is a traditional holiday experience. Bells ring in the season and beach fires and live entertainment make this holiday destination one of the finest. San Francisco’s Great Dickens Christmas Fair makes Victorian London come alive. Over 700 performers in authentic Victorian dress depict fictional Dickens characters and real life historic figures.


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The concept of holidays has most often originated as religious observances. The intention of a holiday was typically to allow individuals to tend to religious duties associated with important dates on the calendar. In most modern societies, however, holidays serve as much of a recreational function as anything else.

In many societies there are important distinctions between holidays designated by governments and holidays designated by religious institutions. For example, in many predominantly Christian nations, government-designed holidays may center around Christian holidays, though non-Christians may instead observe religious holidays associated with their faith. In some cases, a holiday may only be nominally observed. For example, many Jews in the Americas and Europe treat the relatively minor Jewish holiday of Chanukah as a working holiday, changing very little of their daily routines for this day.

The word holiday has some variance in meaning across different locales. In North America the word refers to widely observed days of rest and recreation, whereas in the U.K. and many Commonwealth nations the word refers to any extended period of recreation

Holiday Planning

Holiday Planning

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